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A.D.D. Comedy with Dave Razowsky

On ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky, guests from the worlds of comedy, theatre, film, television, and literature discuss their journeys and life philosophies with podcast host David Razowsky. David’s an alum of The Second City Chicago where he performed with Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Amy Sedaris and numerous others. He’s the former artistic director of The Second City Hollywood, is a member of The Reduced Shakespeare Company, served as a consultant for Dreamworks, and taught for Steppenwolf Theatre Company. David is a master teacher of improvisation, a gifted improv actor and director, and performs and teaches all over the world. Check out his website here, and he can be reached at

Jul 15, 2015

Today’s guest, Irene White, has been in “The Middle,” The Millers,” “Men, Women & Children,” “The Green Hornet,” “Carpoolers,” and so many more shows and movies, but what’s really wonderful about Irene is how wonderful Irene is. Our interview centered around Irene’s return to Los Angeles after over four years seeing if she could make a move to Austin, Texas. We talked about the rabbit hole that is “hope,” how jealousy can be quashed by a good cookie metaphor, and the joy of a well-crafted catch phrase. Enjoy.